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Guidance for educational settings




Bedford Borough

Safeguarding and online security


    How to handle sexting incidents as a parent or teacher (SWGfL)
  • "So You Got Naked Online" Released SWGfL guidance for young people who had already sent a 'sext'. Additional support material
  • Undressed Song and Video (LGfL DigiSafe) to help schools and parents spread the message of never getting undressed in front of a phone, iPad or computer, for the very youngest primary pupils.
  • Online Safety (Breck Foundation). The Breck Foundation campaigns for a safer internet for all children and young people. Breck's Last Game (certificate 15) has been rolled out in secondary schools across the UK to highlight the risks of grooming.
  • Cybersecurity and Online Learning. Secure Schools Cybersecurity company have made available to schools without charge a new collection of documents covering security features of Video Teleconferencing (VTC) technology.